Talbot Laundry Company

A professional laundry service for Holiday Lets, B&B’s, Glamping Sites and private clients. 20 Years Experience.

Here at Talbot Laundry Company we have a passion for crisp, clean bed linen with a luxurious ironed finish, that “hotel bed feeling” at home every night!

We are a family based business with 20 years experience of handling bed linen for Holiday Lets, B&B’s and Glamping Sites in the Norfolk & Suffolk area. With a state of the art rotary dryer ironing machine, we iron at 160 degrees, to deliver that sublime finish that you desire. We have an eye for detail to ensure that you receive the quality that you can rely upon. We want your guests to comment on how luscious your beds are!

Let Us Take The Load

We specialize in the washing, drying and ironing of bed linen for the Holiday Let, B&B and Glamping industry, along with private clients.

Don't Let Laundry Stress You Out

Every item is carefully checked for tears or other damage during the laundry process

Machine Rolled Linen

Utilizing a single batch washing system, coupled with a careful, hand fed rotary ironer we can ensure that your linens are handled in the best possible manner.

Using TLC laundry service is a very positive experience. My sheets are returned with no plastic packaging, ironed and smelling beautifully fresh, even the annoying coffee stain on the duvet cover had disappeared. I am a busy mum of 4, using a laundry service is a cost and time efficient way for me to sort out the never ending pile of bed linen, I will be back! 

Lizzie R

Great Service, Great Quality, Great Relief. 

Colin C